Name AT-20
Tonnage 20
Rated Capacity 20 Tonne at 1.26m radius
16.8 Tonne at 2.0m
1.6 Tonne at 15.7m
Hook Height 16.75 meters
Lift Hook Block 16.8 tonnes
Single Line 4.2 tonnes
Axle Loading
Front Axle 12,000 kg
Rear Axle 12,000 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 24,000
Turning Circle
Outside Wheels 7.4 Meters


Name MAC25-4
Tonnage 25
Rated Capacity 25 Tonnes at 1.4m radius
1.8 Tonne at 15.71m
Hook Height 18 metres
Lift Hook Block 25 tonnes
Single Line 4.2 tonnes
Axle Loading
Front Axle 11,900 kg
Rear Axle 12,000 kg
Total 23,900 kg
Turning Circle
Outside Wheels 7.9 Meters
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